What is proofreading

Help, an editing has to come!

It happens that companies contact me because in the print shop – just before the printing presses were supposed to be started up – it became unexpectedly clear: the new glossy brochure contains spelling mistakes. So the brochure can not go to print!

Hustle and bustle breaks out, great excitement, because the print date is reserved and the brochure must be despatched urgently. The solution? An editorial has to come! Googling quickly: Which editor has the time (and the nerve) to complete the linguistic polish of the glossy brochure within a few hours? Pure stress – for everyone involved, including the editor who takes on this job.

What happened?

A graphic artist has made the brochure with great effort, the texts have contributed the text itself, in good faith, to promote the booklet without errors (“We have always done so!”).

In fact, only a few people are so well-established in spelling and grammar that they put a text without any mistakes on paper, apart from the fact that quickly creep sloppy errors (letter turners, excess blanks, wrong separations, etc.). As an author you are simply blinded to business. No matter how many times you read your own text: you overlook mistakes. That is completely normal!

So my tip: Invest in a copy. The costs are just limited in various advertising materials such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, customer newspapers, websites, etc. and you give a flawless text in print or put a flawless text online.

“The editing has paid off!”

Companies usually come to this conclusion only once they have worked with a lecturer and seen what he does. The editing process corrects spelling, grammar and punctuation and eliminates stylistic bumps. Especially the latter is interesting for companies, which usually want to win customers with their texts, in addition to the error correction.

The editing process makes a text smoother, it reads more fluently – the words are easier to reach for customers and make the company appear in a good light. A text is always a business card, and who would like to give a business card with errors out of hand?