What happens to my text after the editing?

Every now and then this question is asked. Or customers ask if I treat their text “confidentially” anyway. For that reason, a few words on the subject.

We handle all inquiries and orders confidentially. When the job is completed, we will delete your file. You can rest assured. We do not give anything, and of course we do not talk to anyone about what we’ve been proofreading.

How much does a copy-reading cost?

Again and again I receive requests for an editorial (master thesis, diploma thesis, website, book, flyer, etc.), which are something like this:

I have written a master thesis on XY and would like to have it reviewed. Can you please tell me what the editing costs? Or also: I have finished a book manuscript. What would be the price for the proofreading?

But I can not do much with such requests because they are too imprecise.

In order to be able to calculate the price for an editorial, I need tangible information

For an exact price information I have to look at your text together with my editor. I have to know the extent of your text (characters including spaces) and look at the amount of corrections. Only then can I give a precise price for the proofreading. Another approach would be dubious.

This is no different than in a car repair shop. Again, the mechanic has to look at the car first to be able to say what the repair costs. And the painter and house painter? He must first know your apartment as well. Only after the apartment inspection can he make a precise estimate. And the installer or the dentist?

It is always and everywhere the same: No service providers can offer you an offer without having estimated the scope of services!

How much does a copy-reading cost? What is the price for proofreading?

Ab prices are indicative on my website. On the basis of this information, you can estimate whether an editing by the Schreibwerkstatt is even possible for you. Please keep in mind that we calculate orders from private individuals (like almost all editors) on standard page basis and that a standard page does not correspond to a manuscript page. A standard page contains 1,500 characters including spaces.

If you are commissioning a copy-editing for the first time and would like to know how the editing process works, please click here.

What else is helpful?

If you send me a request for proofreading, it’s best to not only send the text, but also let me know when the job should be done (experience shows that it’s almost always urgent).